The whole world’s attention has been captured by Coronavirus and the majority of us are locked in our homes.  No better time, I thought, to finally get the wheels in motion and create the Seven Social website.  As you are reading this I can assume the site has gone live, welcome!

I suppose a good starting point is to tell you a bit about me and where Seven Social came from.  I spent most of my career to date working for Lloyds Banking Group as a relationship manager.  This was more exciting than it sounds!  My role involved working between London, Belfast and Yorkshire most weeks.  I was lucky enough to work on dynamic projects that involved marketing, sales, negotiation, analysis and leadership.  13 years in and expecting my second child, I decided to leave the bank and take a career break.

A life commuting around the UK was swapped to settle in Banbridge with Donal my husband.  We have our hands full with our two little cubs Rory and Holly (6 and 4).  Life is very different these days and it’s great.  Donal runs web design company Think Big Online and after I had Holly I realised the digital side of marketing is where I wanted to focus.  I learned the basics of SEO helping Donal with Thing Big and had a lot of traditional and digital marketing experience from the bank, but I wanted to get a digital marketing qualification so I was highly skilled in every aspect of the discipline.

The Digital Marketing Institute based in Dublin was highly recommended, so I signed up to complete their Professional Diploma.  I enjoyed every minute of my course, it wasn’t a chore at all, so I knew digital marketing was for me.  It’s the perfect career option as it combines creativity with analysis, which I love (geek alert, I know).  Once I gained my qualification, I started doing freelance work and I haven’t looked back.

I doubt very much that you want to read chapter and verse about all the projects I’ve worked on, but I do want to talk about one client, Zen Orthodontics.  I worked with Zen for 2 years, leading all of their marketing, with a particular focus on social media.  The team at Zen realised the importance of social media in establishing and communicating their brand.  We had a lot of fun with it and achieved phenomenal results.  To the point where we won multiple awards for social media strategy and delivery.

When it came to deciding the focus for my business, it was clear I should specialise in social media marketing.  It’s something every business needs and it can be a real pain point for busy business owners.  Potential customers are browsing social media seven days a week, so every business needs to have an ongoing presence to compete.  This can be a burden for many businesses, particularly over holiday periods and when everyday business priorities are piling up.  Seven Social is here to relieve that burden. We take care of everything from creating scroll stopping content to building relationships with your followers.

Want to find out more about the services we offer?  You can find more details here.

Thanks for reading and ciao for now,


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