7 Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media Management in 2020

7 Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

If you run a small or medium sized business, the benefits of social media are endless, from getting your name and products out there, to generating new enquiries and keeping current customers active with your business.  The flip side to this is if you operate with a small team, the chances are you are flat to the mat with the everyday running of the business and have very little time to think about what to post on Facebook or Instagram to stay ahead of the game.  This is where outsourcing social media management becomes beneficial.


So what is Social Media Management and what does outsourcing involve?

Well we are in a good position to explain more, as this is what Seven Social specialises in.  When you hire a company to manage your social media accounts, you hand over responsibility for the accounts to a skilled team, who will spend time researching your industry and posting relevant content that your customers and future customers will notice.  It can be expensive to outsource your social media management, so it’s very important to find a high quality social media management company that can deliver for you, that you trust and that can fit within your budget.


Here are our top 7 reasons to outsource your social media in 2020
1. It makes running your business easier

You and your staff can focus on the day to day running of your business, instead of worrying about what to post next and who is going to do it.  We’ve all tried it, giving social media responsibility to the socially savvy member of the team, but this rarely works, particularly if it is an add on to their normal role.  They won’t be skilled in pushing relevant, well researched content.

2. Your social media will be effective

We all know how to send a tweet or post some photos to Facebook, but do you really know how to run a targeted successful campaign that generates the business leads you are hoping for?  Social media trends and techniques are constantly evolving, to keep up or even better stay ahead of the game, you can go down two routes.  You can either dedicate some of your team’s time into researching social media trends and training on new techniques regularly, or you can outsource to a company who live and breathe social media and know what’s hot right now.

3. You’ll save money (yes really!)

Staffing is always the most costly part or any business and hiring a marketing manager / social media executive is no exception.   When you bring a new member into your team, on top of the initially training time, you also have a potential additional cost if their performance does not meet expectations or there are periods of sickness.  In contrast, when you outsource your social media, the social media management company is accountable for delivering a consistently high quality service with no down time.

4. No more worrying about holiday periods

Even though social media posts can be scheduled in advance, someone still needs to manage your social accounts over holiday periods.  We know from experience that there can be a tumbleweed moment when you ask staff ‘who wants to keep an eye on our Facebook comments over Christmas?’.  A good social media management company will offer a 7 day, always on management service that means you can enjoying opening presents with your family and really forget about work when it matters.

5. You can beat your competitors

Are competitors are posting generic stock photos with captions that don’t lead anywhere or even worse not active at all, then you have a great opportunity to take the lead.  Working with a top social media management company can be a game changer for your business, giving you a real edge over your competitors.  A social media management company will find new ways to interact with and grow your followers that is well researched and effective.

6. You will get the right marketing mix

Sales are no.1 right?  As a business owner this will be paramount for you, but for social media there needs to be a delicate mix of posts that add value, build trust and then promote your products and services.  Blog posts, fun stories, videos, carefully edited images, brand consistency are all equally as important as your sales messages.  A good social media management company can balance your sales messages with posts that are engaging, fun and on brand.  This is how your follower numbers will grow and how to avoid a timeline of ‘buy now’ posts.

7.  You won’t ‘ghost’ your followers

We have all been there, a renewed goal to post on our business social media everyday.  The reality is, running a business is challenging.  There is a long list of competing priorities from clients relationships, to managing staff, to finance, the list is endless and often social media posting is one of the things that gives way.  By outsourcing your social media management don’t need to worry about your social media, this will be updated everyday with interesting content that speaks to your followers.  This means you never miss an opportunity to get your name in front of your future customers.


Using a social media management company can be a much easier, more straight forward and effective way to get your products, services and brand out there.   When running your business you can try to manage your social media accounts in-house with your existing team, but this could end up costing you more money and time, as well as being a bit of a burden (yes we know!).

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